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About me

Thank you for stopping by! I am a data scientist and a computational linguist...and I have so many other other hats, too!
About me
My paragliding trip to Morocco

Hi! 👋

I'm Katya Kamlovskaya, a data scientist, computational linguist, certified translator, an author, and here are some

Quick Facts About Me

  1. I studied linguistics and translation studies for 5 years at Kamchatka State University, Russia, and then international hotel and tourism management for 2 years.
  2. I did a PhD in Computer Science, which took me 3.5 years because COVID and A BABY.
  3. I’m 37 years old, grew up in Russia, then lived in Australia, and am now based in Luxembourg.
  4. I spent 3 years working on a major national STEM education program in Australia - as a result, I got inspired by the kids participating in it and learn to code - which then lead to (2).
  5. I've been a blogger for many, many years, here and there.
  6. I am a paragliding pilot, a marathon runner, a traveller (60+ countries), a minimalist, and I love writing and teaching.

You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn and, if you are interested in raising a future-proof kid, subscribe to my weekly newsletter on STEM education!

Thanks for stopping by!