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Tunisia, December 2024

I have been silent for 6 months, and it has been a rollercoaster. Moving back to Europe was meant to be fun but brought a lot of darkness: a job lost, trust broken, lack of empathy and professionalism from every second person. Accepting mistakes and moving on. Parenting keeps me afloat, I must admit, as I want to be a role model for my son: I am teaching him to be resilient.

"Don't you carry stones in your bowl of lights", Trevor Hall is singing as I am typing this post. There is an ancient Hawaiian legend, according to which everyone comes to this world with a bowl of light. If we respect the light, we can be strong and do anything we want. If we let our negative emotions guide our life and focus on the negative sides of our life, a stone falls into the bowl and blocks some of the light. The more stones we accumulate, the less light we carry, and the heavier the load is. The legend gives us hope though: we can always turn the bowl over and the rocks will fall out, letting the light shine again.

Let it go and move on - this is my 2024. It will eventually bring me to a beautiful place where I'd rather be.